Attractions in Udon Thani

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January 29, 2017
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Attractions in Udon Thani

Attractions in Udon Thani

Have you ever been to Udon Thani? Do you want to know what are the main attractions in Udon Thani that are worth to see and experience like the Red Lotus Lake?

Well, I will tell you that you are lucky reading this post. Last week, a friend of mine and I went to Udon Thani and to see one of the main attractions in Udon Thani which is the Red lotus Lake! It was amazing! The perfect month to visit the red lotus is in the low season between November to late February. The best time of the day to see them is between 6 am until 10 am. On our first day in Udon Thani we did some exploring around the city. We had lunch across the Nong Prajak park, there’s few places where you can order som tam (papaya salad), grilled fish, grilled chicken and some sticky rice. I order my all the favorite som tam bu pla which is papaya salad with some fermented blue crab and anchovies. Yeah it doesn’t appealing to you but it does to me lol :-). My friend order the regular papaya salad without the crazy stuff that I have mention lol. After we had our lunch we start exploring the area and see some temples. While we’re walking we notice a coffee shop and a tourist information. We stop by and grab a map and we met this really nice Thai lady name Khun Anita who is very helpful. She help us book our trip for the Red lotus lake for the next day. They have a nice program that if you book your hotel through Agoda you will have the discount from Sunday – Thursday the price will be 250 baht per person it includes pick up ride from your hotel, going to the lake, boat ride to see the red lotus and ride back to your hotel. I think this is an amazing deal because we ask the receptionist in our hotel how much would it cost for the taxi ride and they said it will be 1500 baht and I think its very expensive! We are thankful that we met Khun Anita and have this great deal! And the price for Friday and Saturday is 500 baht per person. I totally recommend this if you want to see the red lotus, make sure you book your hotel through Agoda so that you can get the same deal. Khun Anita’s office is next to the City Pillar Shrine in front of the Provincial Hall. The first temple that we see is the Phra Phutta Phothang,  City Pillar Shrine, Wat Matchimawat and Wat Phothisomphon. That day there was something going on on that temple, they offer free food and it’s kinda cool to see that. From what I remember a popular old monk past away that’s why they have that some sort of praying or mourning for Thai people.

  • Long Prajak Park
  • Phra Phutta Phothang
  • City Pillar Shrine
  • Wat Matchimawat
  • Wat Phothisomphon

The next day we wake up early for the Red lotus lake, our tour guide pick us up in our hotel and drove for about 45 minutes to the lake. Once we get there we took the boat with the other guests and they are Japanese couple. The lake look so amazing with all the lotus! We stop by to this small temple and took some pictures and we found this “observation deck” that made out of wood :-). We got the chance to take a picture from high ground, the view is breath taking! After that we continue on the boat ride and get a chance to be so close with the lotus. Of course I took a lot of pictures! :-). Carole and I decided to go back the next morning and plan to rent a private boat so just her and I lol :-). After that tour we continue on our exploring in the town. We had lunch on the same place next to the park and we order som tam and grilled fish, the fish is really tasty because of the lemongrass that they stuffed inside! We visited some of the other temples on the map that Anita provided us. We hire a tuk-tuk and he drive us around the other temples and it was great day! Once we get home we went to the local shabu-shabu place near our hotel and I couldn’t believe how cheap it it! Carole probably had 15 pieces of prawns and I had pork, some vegetables and noodles for only 360 baht! Yes that cheap! 🙂

  • Sanjao Phuya Chinese Temple
  • Thai-Chinese Cultural Centre
  • Wat Atsurawihan
  • Wat San Teparak
  • Si Mueang Thong Temple
  • Wat Pa Non Niwet
  • Wat Thipphayaratnimit
  • Wat Thipsuntiwan

The next morning we went back to the lake and had our own boat. We expect to go on different route but unfortunately our boat driver need to follow the other big boat (other people on our tour). I was a bit disappointed but still worth it that we go back because the scene is amazing! After the tour we went straight again in the city and continue exploring before we head back to the airport. We hire the same guy the other day because he was nice and didn’t rip us off hahaha like the other tuk-tuk driver on our first day. Lesson that I learn is when you travel be clear when you are negotiating with the tuk-tuk driver because sometimes they suddenly change their prices after you agree on them.

  • Wat Udom Sompong Chaiyaram
  • Wat Pa Samakhee Nong Kaeo
  • Wat Pha Phatumthan Pitak Anusan
  • Wat Po Chai
  • Wat Sri Khun Muang

Over all our trip in Udon Thani was great! Carole and I had a great time and it was really nice to see the Red lotus. I totally recommend to visit Udon Thani especially from December until end of February.

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