Visiting the Precious Heritage Children’s Home in Antipolo City, Philippines

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Visiting the Precious Heritage Children’s Home in Antipolo City, Philippines

Giving back to the kids in Precious Heritage Children’s Home in the Philippines.

Fews days ago we went to visit the Precious Heritage Children’s Home in Antipolo City and give back to the kids. It’s always a great feeling to share and get to know the kids in the orphanage. This year my husband’s company did some outreach and we pick this one. It’s really nice that we finally doing it in my own country. There’s a lot of poverty in the Philippines and a lot of kids need help. I talked to the guy who run the orphanage his name is Joel he said before he open the orphanage he did some sort of free workshop and help feeding some malnourished street children in Manila with his wife. His wife is a psychologist and teacher and they start to educate the street children. Some of the kids in the orphanage are missing kids. They were apart from their parents and never knew where they come from because they were too young when they got separated from them. One of the boys in the orphanage is a missing kid from what Joel told me that this kid is with his brother when they got separated and he was 6 years old when that happen. And it’s funny because it reminds me of my childhood. When I was 7 years old my grandparents, my sister and I went to Angeles to go shopping. On our way to the jeepney station (one of the public transportation in Philippines) I didn’t realize that I have been walking without paying attention with my grandparents not being with me. I turned around and I didn’t see them went to the jeepney station. I remember well enough that I was looking for them and one lady saw me crying and ask me what’s my name and I said Maribeth then she ask me what’s my last name good thing I answer smart I told her my mom’s last name because I know that they will never know any Lino (my dads last name) because he is from Tarlac and I don’t think Lino is popular lol 🙂 🙂 . I told the lady my mom’s last name and this lady know someone who have a last name like my mom. She told me to come with her and she will bring me to our house but one lady didn’t agree with her to take me. She said I have to stay here just incase that my grandparents will find me which they did and I went to the side road and I saw my grandmom waving and running towards me! I ran and cried so hard and I told her about the lady who knew someone in our family. They chat for a bit and they both knew the person that this lady’s talking about. Now that I’m grown up every time that I go to supermarket and see this lady she always reminds me of the incident. 🙂 The lesson here is before you leave your house you have to talk to your kid and discuss this kind of scenario. Give them a location where you can meet if this things happen. Sometimes things happen without expecting it.

Alright guys sorry if I talk too much here but I just want to share my story when I was young since Joel mentioned that one of the kid in the orphanage have a same situation. Joel told me that every time they go to the mall with all the kids they always talk before they leave the orphanage and Joel always give them a meeting place just incase this things happen. And it a great idea to do that. Kids always wander when they are in the mall so you have to always be cautious about it.

Regarding the company’s outreach it turned out really awesome because it is finally came to a reality. This is what my husband and I been wanting to do to give back in my own country. We always go visit the kids at the orphanage in Cambodia and we build a relationship with the kids and we wanna do the same in Philippines. It’s very nice to help the kids in orphanage and this place is well run by Joel. The place is very clean, well organized and the kids are very polite. I feel that they appreciate all the help even in a simple way. John’s team donated some money so we can buy the kids some gifts like school supplies and we buy some basic needs like sanitary stuff and food. I baked some cookies for the kids and everybody loves them. We got them something to play like  basketball, hula hoop and badminton. Some of the kids in the orphanage are not there when we arrived because they were in school. The orphanage have its own school and it used to be just for the kids at the orphanage but now it is open to others to help out for the expenses and the salary for the teachers. The school starts from nursery until 10th grade. It very nice that Joel thought about this thing. I really hope that there’s more people like him that are willing to help the kids without asking anything in return.

If you guys are looking for an orphanage to visit when you are in Manila you can go visit the kids in this orphanage. The name of the place is Precious Heritage Children’s Home and it is located in Antipolo City about an hour away from Makati. Right now Joel’s goal is to buy the lot next door but the money that he raise is still half way the selling price. If you guys want to donate and help him reach his goal you can contact me and my husband or you can contact Joel directly. Every $ count whatever you guys can donate will help. If you can’t help for the financial I am sure your presence will be accepted as well playing with the kids or teaching them something will be helpful. 

Over all this outreach is been an amazing experience for all of us especially for my husband this is always been his goal to help orphan kids. And I am blessed to have an amazing and kind hearted man in my life! 🙂 🙂 🙂 We will definitely going back here again soon! 🙂

Okay guys that’s it for this topic I hope you guys like this post. If you do please share it with your friends so they can spread it to the world and we never know this people will visit this place and do something to these kids.

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