Things That We Miss Back Home

Visiting the Precious Heritage Children’s Home in Antipolo City, Philippines
January 6, 2017
Wat Saket
Exploring Wat Saket – The Golden Mountain
January 13, 2017

Things That We Miss Back Home

Things That I miss Back Home
Yesterday my husband and I talking about the things that we miss back home. And it makes me think and appreciate these little things that we have back home that we ignore sometimes.

Here are the things that we miss back home:

  • Powerade Zero – this is a sports drink with zero calories. I always get the purple (grape) color for John and the blue (mixed berry) one for me. This drink have so many flavors and every time that I go to the store I always get tons of them! We always have stock at home. And being here in Bangkok it’s so hard to find it and even just a similar kind of drink it’s very hard to find it. John found some few flavored drinks with low calories but it doesn’t taste good. We decided to buy the BCAA and just use it to flavored our drinks and plus I like the flavor its blue raspberry! We bought this one at the BTS station in Chong Nonsi and it cost like 2700 something baht. But I really miss the mixed berry flavor for my workout! 🙁 
  • Beef Jerky – is another one. Beef jerky is a lean meat and dried to prevent spoilage. I don’t really eat a lot of jerky because its too tough for me but John likes it especially the peppered flavor. Every time I eat jerky I always have pain in my jaw 🙂 so I don’t eat it much. You have to chew it very well or else you will choke on it lol :-). John likes jerky especially when we travel or when we are on the plane :-). Jerky is his source of protein when we travel and its very handy! 🙂 Here what we found for the substitution is the version of Thai jerky. They have so many options and flavor John got the beef with peppered flavor. And he decided to just buy some cold cuts (chicken breast and ham) at Gourmet market in Siam Paragon and you can buy at Tops as well. 
  • Amazon Prime – John really miss Amazon prime because he shop mostly online. He order all his supplements, casein powder, and protein bars in here. Amazon prime is great once you purchase something today your order will be in your door way two days later and it’s free! Here in Thailand you have to pay for the tax once you have something in the post office and it’s very expensive! It makes me appreciate the fact that we have a great postal office service in America. 
  • I really miss our beautiful home! I miss my office and my painting stuff. I miss the comfort of having a great mattress and soft pillow. When we travel in Siem Reap the hotel that we stayed at their pillow are hard as a rock! I’m not even kidding! I woke up one day having a stiff neck! The hotel is amazing but pillow and mattress are both hard! 🙁 I miss having a big and soft mattress that when you wake up your body is not aching. Good thing here in our apartment in Ascott they have a soft pillow and we requested a mattress topper and it works out well. 🙂 And finally, I miss my kitchen a lot and I do miss our home gym.
  • I do miss going to the store and being able to get the ingredients that I need if I want to make something for dinner. Living here in Thailand it can be tough to find those ingredients so you have to adapt or substitute those ingredients. And plus even if you find them it can be very expensive! So watch out for that. 🙂

What about you guys is there any time that you feel like you are missing something in your hometown or your country? If you guys have any recommendation regarding those top three that I miss back home please let me know. 🙂 

When it comes to food from my hometown in the Philippines I always miss the “burung kanin at isda” or pickled rice with fish. I know it doesn’t sound appetizing for you guys but for me it is lol :-). I always request this to my sister every time I go home. This dish is paired with steamed bitter gourd, eggplant, okra, and fresh mustard leaves and ohh before I forget you need to have fried tilapia. Yummy! :-). There so many more dishes that I miss back home but this one always the number one lol. And of course I miss my family. I miss the bonding and the quality time that we spend together! When I go home I don’t want to do anything except spend time with them and just relax. Just seeing them and spend some quality time together for me that’s my happiness. I’m sure some people will get bored in this situation but not me lol. 🙂

Alright guys I think that’s all for now. Let me know what you miss back home and why you miss it? I want to hear from you! 🙂 🙂 🙂 You can share this post to your friends and family maybe they can give me some tips! 🙂 

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