Explore Some Local Temples Around Bangkok

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January 21, 2017
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February 18, 2017

Explore Some Local Temples Around Bangkok

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Have you seen all the popular temples in Bangkok including The Grand Palace, Wat Arun and Wat Pho? Do you want to explore some local temples around Bangkok that a lot of tourist doesn’t know about it? Well, first of all you are in the right place that you are reading this post. Thank you for that! 🙂

Like you do, I am an explorer as well. I love to visit some local temples because it’s more quiet and relaxing when you visit them. I always want to stay away from the crowd so I get a chance to take my time and appreciate the beauty of each temples. Last week, on my exploring day I decided to take the skytrain from Chong Nonsi (nearest BTS from our place) to Wutthakat. I get off on the left side of the train and from there I walked through some small alleys and get a chance to see how Thai people live. I enjoyed that trip and get a chance to talked to some locals if I’m in the right direction lol :-). At first they were speaking Thai to me because I look like Thai but then when I told them that I am not a Thai they smile at me and just pointed the right direction. 🙂 It’s kind of cool to experience this culture and being able to explore without worry that something bad happen to me like in a movie or something lol. At first I was a bit scared to walk on the small alleys because there are so many street dogs and I worry that they might bit me and they have rabies. But I watched the locals how they walk through the alley with a bunch of dogs and they just walk straight and not paying attention with them. So I did copy what they did and it worked! 🙂 It’s really nice that sometime you just have to let your guard down and go with the flow. 

The first temple that I saw is the Wat Nangnong Worawihan unfortunately the buddha is under renovation.This temple is very old and constructed in Ayudhaya period. The buddha was coated in black color and it’s amazing! I will definitely come back here in a few months and hoping that it’s done. I thought at first it was a school because there’s so many students that are playing games outside the temple. 

Here is the address just the incase you just want to take the taxi 🙂 

Bang Kho, Chom Thong, Bangkok 10150

Wat Nangnong Worawihan


From Wat Nangnong Worawihan I crossed the bridge and saw this beautiful Wat Nang Ratchaworawihan. I walked around the parameter and saw the gate is closed and I was a bit sad that I can’t go inside to see it. But I went to ask the man who’s doing some construction work if there is a way to get inside and he ask another men and the men showed me the way! Yes I went inside and I was like like WOW because there’s nobody there except the six monks. There’s no tourist at all! I went inside the temple and there’s three monks that are praying and I pay my respect to be quiet and sit there for a minute and just appreciate it. After that I walked around the whole complex because there’s two temples on each sides and one pagoda in the middle with a two Chinese statues. This temple is such a peaceful place and it’s nice to be here to just relax and meditate inside the temple!

Wat Nang Ratchaworawihan img_7223 img_7227 img_7237

Next stop is the Wat Ratcha Orasaram. This temple is the first class royal monastery dedicated to the King Rama III. And in the past, it was called ” Wat Chom Thong”. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to go inside the temple because it was closed. I think they are doing some sort of ceremony for the kids because they were lining up and wearing all white color and it was fascinating! I did get a chance to look around before they start that ceremony.

img_7239 img_7240 img_7242 img_7246


It’s open from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

I mention above that I get off on the left side of the train and on my next visit I will get off on the right side to explore some temples on the area.

Until then, stay tuned guys!

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