Explore Green Lung of Bangkok And Neighboring Temples

Trekking in Khao Yai National Park
January 17, 2017
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Explore Some Local Temples Around Bangkok
January 29, 2017

Explore Green Lung of Bangkok And Neighboring Temples

Explore the Green Lung of Bangkok
Do you want to escape from Bangkok’s noise, traffic jam, and polluted air? Well, if you do I have a suggestion for you! Yesterday, a friend of mine and her friend we did explore Green Lung of Bangkok and  see some beautiful temples around the area.

Want to know how to get there? From our apartment, we walked to the Chong Nonsi BTS station then get off to Sala Daeng station (only one stop). From there we took the subway (MRT) from Silom station to Klong Toey it’s only two stops from there. And we walked for 5 minutes to get a taxi going to the Klong Toey Nok Pier. Then we took this small boat to cross the river going to Kamnan Khao pier and that ride cost us only 10 baht per person. Yes 10 baht! I couldn’t believe how cheap that is! The ride is a bit rough because it’s really wavy from all the big boats. Once we get to the Kamnan Khao pier we did rent our bicycle for a day and it cost us 80 baht per bike; this price is for the whole day but we only use ours only for few hours. From there we did our exploring and good thing my friend Carole been here few times already so she knows where we going and which way to explore. We explore the park first, the park is really quiet and clean. It’s really nice to be here and get away from Bangkok’s traffic noise and polluted air. Hearing the birds chirping and seeing all the trees makes me feel so relax. Having a nice breeze and fresh air is great! I totally recommend this park when you guys want to have some fresh air and do some cycling with friends and family or even just solo. 🙂 This park have some gazebo where you can stop by and rest for a bit and you can feed the fish as well. There are some narrow pathway that you can go ride your bikes but we didn’t try those we stick to the wider pathway and other small rough road. Oh and we saw some monitor lizards few times and they are HUGE!

After cycling the park we went to explore some beautiful temples around the area. I feel like I am a real explorer yesterday because we cycle the main road with no helmet 🙂 and I feel so brave doing that in spite of all the motorbikes passing by! Yes it can be really scary but yesterday I didn’t feel any hesitation to ride the bikes in the main road. 🙂 Thanks to my friend Carole for being the great “tour guide” :-). The bike service provided us some map and it help us to locate all the beautiful temples and also Carole been here before! Oh before I forget we stop by to this small coffee shop name Mom & Me coffee bar it was cute and the price is cheap! We rest here for few minutes before we head to the temples. We took the Phetchahung road, yes this is a quite a long cycling going to Bang Nam Phueng Nok temple but it’s all worth it because it was so much fun to see how Thai people live. In our area is the CBD of Bangkok so you see all tall buildings but in this case you see some tiny houses, tons of street dogs, and all kinds of smell LOL you know what I mean. 🙂 Some part of the area it smells like chicken BBQ and some area smells like rubbish 🙂 this is Bangkok! 🙂 We saw some lady feeding the street dogs and its makes me feel so happy seeing that. After taking some photos and seeing Bang Nam Phueng Nok temple we went to the next temple Wat Bang Nam Phueng Nai there is a floating market nearby but we didn’t go there because we want to stick to the temple this time. But I definitely want to go back here and bring my husband and explore the other side of the area. Anyway, after seeing that temple we saw the a small Ganesha shrine and it was beautiful! We saw a small pomeranian puppy who is super friendly! And that is our last stop, we head back to the location where we returned our bikes and catch our small boat.

Overall, this half a day exploring is great! We got to see a lot of cool stuff, temples, see Thai people live, and most of all get to experience riding the bicycle on the main road! 🙂 I totally recommend this to you guys it’s so much fun if you have a group of friends with you unless you want to cycle by yourself LOL :-).

The name of the place where we rent our bikes is the M-bike.

Open daily from 7:30 am – 6:00 pm

80 Baht / 1 Day

40 Baht / 1 Hour

Telephone no: 089-221-1588, 082-066-6082, 097-920-9627

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