Best Things About Buffalo, New York

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October 24, 2016
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Best Things About Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York
Buffalo? Yes Buffalo!

I know a lot of people when you say Buffalo they might say “what you gonna do in Buffalo, how can you live there it’s very cold!, best chicken wings on earth, and much more” But you know what Buffalo is great for what it is! You just have to be an explorer to enjoy the city. The first time I been here in Buffalo I didn’t think I would like to live here the number one reason is the WEATHER! I was surprised that I do like it here, I went to school and had a degree in Culinary arts, made friends, have an amazing home with my husband and buddy (Dino), and enjoy the city! 

There are lots of things to do here in Buffalo if you look for it. Number one thing to do here in Buffalo is to try their Buffalo chicken wings! At first I didn’t like it much because it was too tangy for me but if you keep eating it you will get use to it. Beef on weck is very popular here and Ted’s hotdog. If you visit Buffalo you definitely need to try those three. And before I forget you have to try the logan berry while you are at Ted’s hotdog 🙂 something different! 

One of the best things about Buffalo is they have this magnificent architectures. there are lots of beautiful designs like the City Hall, HH Richardson complex, Darwin D. Martin House, Burchfield Penney Art Center, Campanile, Old County Hall, Statler City and more! I highly recommend these places to visit and I’m sure it’ll be worth it! And of course you have to go to Buffalo Waterfront and see the Naval and Military Park explore around the USS Little Rock, USS Croaker and USS The Sullivan. 

My favorite season here in Buffalo are Spring and Fall. I love to see the green leave popping out of the branches, flowers starting to bloom and some butterflies hanging around the garden. And in Fall I love when the leaves turned red and orange color it’s amazing! There are lots of things to do during Spring and Fall time you can do apple picking, pumpkin picking, and you can do the corn maze. Basically a lot of fruits from July until October from berries season to pumpkin season. 🙂

Don’t forget to see Niagara Falls when you visit Buffalo because it will be the highlights of your trip! You can do the Cave of the Winds and Maid of the Mist. The first time I see Niagara Falls I was amazed by it because it magnificent! It got even better once we get on the boat I feel the water and the power of it! It was AMAZING! Make sure when you come in Buffalo try all this things or at least some of them because you will never regret it! 

When I was in school I made a paper about the history of Buffalo and I was really amazed by the Pan-American Exposition. I wish its still there because it was incredibly stunning! BUT it doesn’t mean that these architectures are gone you will skip your trip here. A lot of cool things to do here in Buffalo. If you love football you definitely need to watch one of the Bills game (as long as its football season 🙂 Go Bills!) and also the Sabers game (if its hockey season Go Sabres!).

Last but not the least, the SNOW! Wohoo.. There are a lot of cool things to do in the winter time as well. You can go skiing, sledding, ice skating and any other snow related games. You can go to Ellicottville to do these cool stuff!

I hope you guys visit Buffalo when you are here in Western New York! I know I missed a lot more of the things to do here in Buffalo so if you know what it is let me know guys! Let me know as well what did you do here in Buffalo when you visit. I’d love to hear from you!


Glen Falls


Apple Picking!


Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride


Cherry Picking!


Sabres Game


Let’s go Bills! 🙂


Canal Side – Sunset


Hubby & Dino walking in winter time


Fall Time!


YES! Huge Pizza!


Maid of the Mist


Buffalo History Museum & Japanese Garden


Niagara Falls USA side


Tim Hortons coffee!


Buffalo History Museum


Pumpkin Picking


Eternal Flames


My Snow Angel!


Grapes Picking


Blueberry Picking

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