Dealing with Grief – Our best buddy Dino

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September 26, 2016
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October 2, 2016

Dealing with Grief – Our best buddy Dino

Have you ever felt being alone because you missed someone or somebody that is very important and special to you? Have you ever experience loss? Grief? Who are they? 

In this situation yes I do grief, and he is our buddy Dino. This morning I went to the pet cemetery to visit him. I told him that I miss him so much and I know that he wouldn’t want me to be sad. If he is alive he will lay next to me and accompany me. Dino and I have a strong mom and son relationship. I never experience having a real pet in my entire life. And I couldn’t believe that I fall in love and be close to a dog, a great loving dog!

In the Philippines we always have dog at home but they don’t go inside the house or sleep next to us. It’s very different here in America pets here our part of the family. John (my husband) had Dino for 12 years and I’ve known Dino for 6 years but I only get the chance to be with him for three years because the other three is we were living in Thailand and Philippines. Those 3 years with Dino are one the best years of my life! He genuinely loved me unconditionally, he always want me to be happy, he is such a great company and most importantly he is the best dog ever!


This is our first picture together here in Buffalo! The first time I met him in person I was a little bit scared of him because of his build, he have big head and muscular 🙂 (he is jacked! lol) but I fall in love right away. He is such a genuine guy, he always hang out with me, and protecting me. Him and I build a strong bond. I miss him every day! He is my best friend!

Yesterday is the 5th month of Dino of not being with us. We still grieve from his death and it’s very hard for both of us to think that he is gone but we make a peace of it because we know that he’s always guiding us and protecting us. We now have our guardian angel forever! 



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