Day 3 – Creating a Vision for the Future

Day 2 – Discovering your WHY
September 16, 2016
Day 4 – Unlocking My Superpowers
September 19, 2016

Day 3 – Creating a Vision for the Future

“Today’s challenge is all about creating your Perfect Day, and it’s a lot of fun too. ”

My Perfect Day!

Everyday I set my alarm at 8:20 am, once my alarm is up I pick up my phone check some emails, skype messages, check my Facebook and IG and see what’s up. Ten minutes later I get out of the bed and get my coffee, go outside and water Dino’s tree (our loving dog who passed in April).

Once that’s done I go to upstairs in my office and do a little bit of “work” reply to all of the emails and write on my blog. But every now and then I switch my routine between painting and writing. Painting is so relaxing and it helps me to become creative especially when I paint in our backyard while listening to the birds and fountain.

And in the afternoon I workout in our home gym, I do powerlifting and it is easier for me to stay in our own gym than signing up in the other gym. It’s hard for me to focus when people staring at me while working out.

Once I’m done at gym I hang on with my hubby either we watch movie at home, having dinner outside or explore somewhere else.

This leaves me with more free time and on other days I do these:

  • Stretching/Yoga
  • Continuing my painting
  • Reading my book
  • Spending quality time with my hubby and family
  • Doing our dance class
  • Having a massage
  • Trying new restaurants
  • Doing some exploring with our friends

That is my perfect day!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2


My Best Buddy Dino!


Dino’s tree!


Hubby and I in Clearwater beach FL.


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