Day 1 – Finding Your Focus

Petronas Twin Towers
Petronas Twin Towers
September 12, 2016
Day 2 – Discovering your WHY
September 16, 2016

Day 1 – Finding Your Focus

Hey guys, today I am finally letting my guard down and decided to participate in this 10 day blog challenge. This challenge get thinking how lucky I am because all of the examples that Natalie mentioned today I have them all. I don't have to worry about time because I have all the time in this world now that I am focusing more on the things that makes me happy which includes writing my blog and sharing our life, cooking, singing, meeting new people, traveling, and painting. I don't have to worry about money and freedom because I can still work from home and do the things I love to do. But there are still few things that stoping me from focusing on doing the right thing to achieve my freedom plan.

Lack of Confidence - I hate to admit that it is one of the reason why I can't do the things that I like to do like meeting new people, participating in a public speaking, and sometimes even believing in myself that I am good enough! I always think about what people think of me and the way I say things. I tell people all the time that English is not my first language just so they know that my English is not gonna be perfect like they do. Lacking of confident in myself is not a good feeling to have because it brings me down.

Ability to listen well - Sometimes I wonder and ask myself why I can't never remember the things that people tell me. It is embarrassing to say but it is true. I listen well but it never stick in my brain. I never understand myself on this matter because I always listen to people the moment they talk I do understand it and remember it but few minutes or day later I can't remember the full details that they told me. Sometimes I am telling my self it is because I get distracted? If you guys have any suggestion on this please let me know because I need help.

Distractions - This is another thing that makes me out of focus. I get easily to get distracted. And that is why I can't never remember things and this connected to above situation.This challenge is a real challenge for me because all these things that I mentioned above are real. I am happy that I can be able to share this with you guys and hopefully that you can encourage me and help me so I can finally do the right thing to finally achieve my freedom plan.

What about you guys what holding you back from living your ideal lifestyle? Follow me on my instagram #tasteoflifebymb I am always open to your suggestions, thoughts and ideas.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1. #10DBC #freedomplan

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