Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

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Manila American Cemetery and Memorial

Manila American cemetery

The Manila American Cemetery and Memorial is located in Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila in the Philippines.

It occupies 152 acres on a prominent plateau, visible at a distance from the east, south and west. It is the largest cemetery in the Pacific for U.S personnel killed during of World War II and has a total of 17, 206 graves. It also holds war dead from the Philippines and other allied nations. The headstones are made of marble which are alligned in 11 plots forming a general circular pattern set among masses of a wide variety of tropical trees and shrubbery.

The chapel, a tall stone structure enriched with sculpture and mosaic, stands near the center of the cemetery. In front of it on a wide terrace are two large hemicycles with rooms at each end. Twenty-five mosaic maps in these four rooms recall the achievements of the American armed forces in the Pacific, China, India, and Burma. On rectangular Trani limestone piers, within the hemicycles, are inscribed the names of 36, 282 missing persons who gave their lives in the service of America. Carved in the floors are the seals of the American States and its territories.

We have visited the cemetery twice now. Our first visit was with our friend Jerry and our second time was with my family. It is very sad looking at all of the graves. John looked at the names on the wall to see if he had a family member, but couldn't find one. Here are some pictures of the cemetery!

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