New Series: Road to Nationals- Episode 4

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August 17, 2015
New Series: Road to Nationals- Episode 5
December 8, 2015

New Series: Road to Nationals- Episode 4

Hi everyone, we are on episode 4 of my weekly training summaries. This week is very crazy! Let’s start with day 1 which is deadlift. I’m on week 4 of my program and this is 182.5 for 5×5. This week I do wanna talk about the importance of having a proper form and what movement is better for your built. Let’s start with sumo stance, in my opinion sumo deadlifts are great for women because they required more leg strength than back strength. In my situation having a long torso its better to do sumo. I use a lot of glutes and hip movement instead of my back. I used to do conventional deadlift and I always hurt myself so I decided to switch to sumo and it works out very well. Pause squat its been helping me a lotI was so surprise because I finally figured out how to involve my hamstrings and I felt really good and happy about it.

Now let’s move on to bench. What is the proper form for bench? Well.. lower the bar to your mid-chest and press it back up until your elbows locked. Bench press is a full body exercise. It works your chest, shoulders, and triceps the most. I have explain on my previous video about the set up of my bench if you guys didn’t watch it yet go ahead and watch it. I will put the link at the description box and if you have any questions about anything and everything just let me know.

Now let’s talk about squat. This week I didn’t train at home sometimes its nice to train at different gym because why not right? I like to watch other peoples form too and sometimes it makes me wanna say something about their form and help them. Like this week at this gym one guy put three plates on each sides and he squatted only half way! And it blows my mind! But anyway.. Let’s talk about the proper form on squat. You squat by bending through your hips and knees with the weight on your back until your hips parallel to your knees. Yep hips parallel to your knees not half way! Some people say squat is bad for your knees and your back. I will say yes it is bad for your knees and your lower back IF you have a bad form! If you squat with proper form you will strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees and lower back and you will gain a lot of strength there.

Now going back to Bench. Let’s talk about other variations of bench press. Myself, I do pause bp and wide grip bp. I like wide grip because I am stronger and I feel that I can lift more weights. Some people like close grip bp, close grip bp is when you use a narrow grip. This is harder than medium grip because the range of motion is longer and your triceps works harder. Some people like incline bp and I do too. I do my incline bp on day 2 after my pause bp and I do dumbell bp on day 3 after my wide grip bp.

So for my next video it’s going to be a topic related video. So if you guys have any suggestions or questions please let me know. That’s it for this week!

Stay tuned! Bye!

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