New Series: Road to Nationals- Episode 3

New Series: Road to Nationals- Episode 1
July 2, 2015
Healthy Smoothie Bowl
August 17, 2015

Hi everyone, we are on episode 3 of my weekly training summary. This week I wanna talk about the progression every lift and how i feel this week and what needs to be improved.

Let’s start with deadlift, this week I feel so weak and mentally exhausted from work and house hunting. We been so busy looking for our new home and we finally found it! But anyway, this week I know I am not focus on training but I still finish the work and still happy about it. I need to improve my stance, I am still trying to figure out why my knee is bothering me when I pointed out my toes. Still playing around with it and really need to figure this out. If you guys have any advice to prevent the pain on my knee please let me know!

My Pause squat feels really heavy on this week and as you can see they look so shaky and not stable at the bottom of the lift. I am so mad on this day because on my fourth rep I fail. I dump the bar and I am so lucky that my partner was there to help me!

This day I didn’t train at home I tried to help my sister-in-law with her front squat. And I did my bench in this gym. I’m a bit upset about the height of the rack it is low and the top one is too high. I tried not to affect my workout and I am happy that I did have a good workout and even though most guys are watching me! One guy ask me “is it okay to bench with your back arch?” And I said yeah as long as you have a strong set up. What that means is stick your chest as far as you can then pull your shoulder blades back together and arch your upper back in order for you to have a safe position for bench press.

Now let’s move on with my squat, this time I am not upset or anything. I am more focus on this day because I am so sick of not having a good workout and not progressing. When you do the same thing over and over again, your body has no reason to change. That is why I make sure that every week I progress on my technique and get better on each lift. My squat is progressing very well. It use to be my weakest lift but now it is a lot better and I am more comfortable squatting now than before.

My tips for you guys on this day:

Concentrate on your mobility and always engage your muscles. Okay when you’re squatting you always wanna engage your abs, shoulders, and upper back to create a stable base for the weight. Flex your thighs and squeeze your butt before you start the lift. But of course some people will naturally have better mobility and stability than others. Having a deep squats are an incredibly valuable tool to build strength and loose fat.

Moving on to the last training this week. If you wanna have a better form on your bench press tip that you have to keep in mind:

In order for you to establish a stable platform your shoulders, core, and hip need to be stable. Core stability exercise will allow you to have a strong, smooth press. This week I am stronger that my previous week. On my wide grip I have 4 sets of 5 and I am so impressed about it.

I wanna let you know that starting next week O am going to put together related videos. So, if you guys have any request let me know so I can prepare it for you!

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Stay tuned bye!!! <3 <3 <3

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