Thai Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Nieow Ma-muang)

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May 7, 2012
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May 14, 2012

Thai Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Nieow Ma-muang)

Yesterday, John and I went to Chinatown here in Bangkok. Even though we have been here a year now, we never really went to Chinatown...but yesterday we explored! We had a food tasting tour and we walked along the main road of Chinatown named Yaowarat. Some stores were selling shark fin, herbal tea, and a lot of different local foods. Then we had a sticky rice with mango, our tour guide asked us if we had ever tried durian. We said no we never had it before, so he decided to buy a slice of it and put it with the sticky rice. John tried it first and he had this ugly look on his face! Then when it is my turn, I tried it and...yep I don't like it at all either! Lol, at least we tried it!

We also had huge river prawns, siomai, peppery soup with crunchy pork, and Thai roti with fruit cocktails and whip cream! It was a great experience and really nice to explore! We had a lot of fun, and we ate a lot of food too! Sticky rice with mango is a very popular dessert with both Thais and foreigners...or "farangs" as Thai people say. Sticky rice with mango is a combination of sweet and salty coconut milk, sticky rice, and very ripe mango. It is really good and I do recommend it for you guys if you are planning to visit Thailand. Get it your first day!

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